Contemplations, or rather, distracting myself…

As I sit in the library watching the people coming and going, the young children playing a seeking game the librarians have devised for the half-term holidays and the students tapping away silently on their computers I figured, as I too am a student right at this moment, that I haven’t updated my blog in a while and I need the welcomed distraction (well, I don’t really. I should be focusing but my attention span lately is awful).

It’s been a full-on couple of weeks and there had been little rest. When the opportunity for rest has presented itself, I’m finding this is still much more that can be done so rest doesn’t come easily. I feel pangs of guilt when I do decide to rest as there, currently, is a lot of things requiring my attention but, once I’m more settled into a routine and knowing the expectations, these should settle.

A rare moment of relaxation, yet I still couldn’t settle.

I am learning to adapt to a working environment that is location varied; one moment I’m in Winchester, next in Petersfield, Havant, Alton, Andover, Southampton… the job brings with it this interesting challenge. Soon enough those names will change with Brecon Beacons, Peak District, Lake District, South Downs, but those journeys are a few months away. The office is currently where I spend most of my time and I am finding myself bored and restless… the work isn’t boring, it’s varied and interesting and the team is welcoming and funny, but sitting down often is beginning to cause slight lower back issues and the desire to be outdoors is increasing! I’m hoping it will snow this year or early next.

My other half has been able to explore more of our local area than I have been; he often sends pictorial updates with routes and views he’s found whilst I sit at the computer… but I know that will change and soon enough I’ll be taking on that role. We’re starting to look at ways that he can enjoy life more adventurously than corporately over the next few years as this area offers a lot to discover which I know he’ll enjoy.

Who would ever say no to seeing sights like this often?!

Recently I’ve felt a strong desire to recapture my enjoyment of running. You can pinpoint the exact time when I lost interest through the lessening amount of participation medals being displayed on my wall since 2017. I had hoped, with a new postcode and location, to be fortunate enough to gain a place in the next London marathon and reignite that passion but alas, third year of rejection (or is it forth? I’ve lost count) but I wasn’t too bothered at this point and thought nothing of it. Whilst on expedition last weekend I felt an emerging desire that left me feeling really sad for the loss of interest within the activity. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed running through woodland, on trails, on the roads and how strong my legs were. I also had forgotten how much I need the physical relief and movement to feel more positively about myself; what with everything being so new and with there being an increase in responsibility and trying to effectively manage my time well my stress levels have also increased; I haven’t factored in any time to just do something I enjoy.

Feeling the prangs of wanting to run in the outdoors…

The next part comes to the motivation and actually getting out there… when I do start I’ll let others know. For now, it’s getting “life” out of the way first to make room for this. Maybe, I am going about this in the wrong way? All I know is, Christmas will soon be here!

Anyhoo, I must get back to my university work; blogging and people watching can quickly while away the time!

Working hard… at blogging right now!!

– Just Joanne