Vegan Kind Lifestyle #71 Box review

This is going to be a very quick review of this box; mainly because I’ve lost to sheet with all the info on but also because I’ve just started an MA programme and trying to get the reading done!

‘Vegan Lifestyle Box’ from The Vegan Kind company.

This box really delivered on fantastic goods this month; truely good stuff I enjoyed eating and wanting more…

Let’s start with the Tenzing Drink (RRP £1.59). I am a big energy drink fan, but only the “high quality” stuff (RB) but hate the amount of sugar in it – whilst drinking one helps me get the house cleaning done quickly, I crash really badly and if I drink a can too close to bedtime I wake up during the night with an incredible thirst and dry mouth, not pleasant at all!


I buy Tenzing when I can, but I’ve not tried this flavour before… it was delicious, but not a drink to be drunk all at once; the raspberry and yuzu flavour needs savouring. There was no unpleasant or strong after taste the amount of drink was just right. I didn’t feel like I was drinking pure sugar… there are no sweeteners in this either! Only 48 calories per can!


I ate this Divine Organic chocolate (lemon flavour) (RRP £3.49) before I thought about that any photos of the product – whoops – but you can’t blame me once you’ve tried some! A smooth texture with a hint of lemon that wasn’t overpowering, this chocolate is a treat after a long day at work; better to eat slowly and bit by bit rather than all at once like I (almost) did! Savour it…


After to Divine Chocolate I didn’t want any more for a while so I will be honest and say I gave away my Vego Dark Nuts and Berries chocolate bar (RRP £2.69) to my other half who, being a big nut and berries chocolate fan, said it was delicious and very rich in flavour. The chocolate bar itself in THICK and a good size to fit in your bag or pocket. Gluten, soya and palm oil-free as well as fairtrade and organic as well!


I love products, such as this one, that doesn’t try to ensure all of its product is the same size etc., there’s a general shape to them but the different sizes makes it fun to match them up… 100g isn’t enough btw, you will be craving more of these! Mallow Puffs, salted caramel mallows in Belgian dark chocolate (RRP £3.49)… loving the product, maybe not sure much the price for the amount you get but it’s forgivable once you’ve has a taste! Both other half and I gave our approval and vowed to look out for more when we go shopping – hopefully, supermarkets will start stocking them as I’ve only seen them being sold online (please enlighten if you’ve seen them on the shelves!)

The gift with this book was this wonderful bamboo mug with this beautiful design on it! Absolutely loved it and I believe TVK have had more subscriptions because of it (I know I had to order a box!)


What can I say other than it’s absolutely gorgeous! The design is dishwasher safe (mines been in a few times) and the lid screws on tightly. I’ve had a lot of different drinks in it and so far it’s been a very robust little colourful mug. Hopefully, they’ll begin to sell them on the supermarket so others can purchase.

This, by far, has been a fantastic box to receive. In this day of #plasticpolution though… will they try to find more Vegan/vegetarian goodies than don’t come in plastic packaging?!

If you’re interested in these boxes or any other Vegan product then I would highly recommend you visit: The Vegan Kind. Enjoy.

– Just Joanne

The Vegan Kind box review #3

This delivery has been the best box I’ve received so far from The Vegan Kind beauty box subscription! It didn’t seem like much at first glance (as the items are small in size compared to the other items from previous boxes) but I think each one is fantastic.


Starting off with there were five items in this Beauty Box:

  • Corpore Sanctum Tonify Me Bunny Mist. 70ml. RRP £14.95
  • Greenfrog Botanic Pink Clay Konjac Facial Sponge. RRP £8.95
  • Crazy Rumors Hibiskiss Tinted Lip Balm. RRP £4.99
  • ORGANii Hand and Nail Cream. RRP £2.95
  • Superdrug Rosehip and Cactus Fruit Travel Set. RRP £2.00

Totalling £33.84, so roughly around the same monetary value as the other boxes (without sample sizes this time).

The chosen charity for this book is Animal Free Research UK. The accompanying leaflet informs the reader that £100 from this edition (box #23) is being donated to help “fund and promote the development of techniques and procedures to replace the use of animals in biomedical research.”

The cute Corpore Sanctum Tonify Me Bunny Mist container leaps out at you when you first open the box (not literally!).


Its bunny cap is cute. There’s no denying that. The company Corpore Sanctum, a Korean company (but made in the UK), creates these Eco-Friendly Bunny bottles, to tone up your skin and minimise pores with its vitamin C formula. I found this easy to use, just cover your eyes, spray on your face and allow the mist to sink in for a couple of minutes – the after effects was a more toned skin – it felt really good and the sink felt tigher as well as refreshed. 


I’m not one to wear coloured lip balm, I prefer clear balm to keep my lips soft, but I liked the colour of the Crazy Rumors Hibiskiss Tinted Lip Balm when I applied it. It is not too obvious, easy to apply and has a wonderful smell to it. I highly recommend you check out their website and the other balms on sale – honeycomb, choco strawberry, mint lemongrass, orange creamsicle – they all sound amazing! This small, but delicious lip balm won’t be too far away from me; I’ll probably use it all in a week!


The beauty product in this book was the Greenfrog Botanic Pink Clay Konjac Facial Sponge. Made from the Konjac Plant, which has been used in Japan for over 1,500 years, this sponge feels hard to the touch at first. The instructions inform you to soak the sponge in the shower or sink in warm water for a minute or so to soften it up before using. Afterwards, hang it up to dry properly where it will harden again. As these sponges are natural, they will biodegrade over approximately 8 weeks before needing replacement.

It was an unusual sensation to use on my face for the first time: it did soften after following the recommendations for soaking and felt nice (I’ve just been used to plastic body flannels which are much softer). My skin felt good and cleansed after using it though! I can’t wait to use it again.


The nice thing about these beauty boxes is finding new companies and products to use that are cruelty free and vegan/vegetarian but I’m always left wondering how to obtain them again without online ordering (which adds to the cost), so to see a high street product in this box is refreshing – the Superdrug Rosehip and Cactus Fruit Travel Set, with a lot cost of £2, was a nice addition. Smelly gorgeous (rosehips is my favourite smell), there’s a good amount in each bottle. The liquid isn’t gooey, comes out easily and is easy to apply – it even left a wonderful lovely smell afterwards. I will consider buying more of this on my next trip into town. I would recommend if you have soft hair already to purchase this, but for those needing more specialist shampoos to treat dry hair might want to consider trying elsewhere and my hair did feel a little dry afterwards.


Lastly, the one product I adored from this box! The ORGANii Hand and Nail Cream smelled AMAZING! It has Sea Buckthorn extract and Orange oil, which smelt rather strongly when the liquid was applied to the skin – mind you, the smell will not be to everyone’s liking as it does smell very citrusy and strongly, just how I like it! I could happily apply this all over me and have looked at their other products online to find a matching body wash. I’m sure this one won’t last that long as well as the others!

So, this box has been my favourite. There is no one product I’ve disliked or wanted to pass on to someone else and a couple of things here I will contemplate buying more once they run out.

If you wanted to find out what other boxes have contained, have a look at my blog reviews here for box #21 and box #22. At this present time, until we find a house to move to (starting new job in September), I’ve temporarily suspended my boxes until we’re settled so might miss the next one!

If you’re interested in these boxes or any other Vegan product then I would highly recommend you visit: The Vegan Kind. Enjoy.

– Just Joanne

The Vegan Kind box review #2

I enjoyed the products in the first The Vegan Kind beauty box I’d received last time so I thought I’d also review the next box I received. Quickly arriving through the post, which arrived only TWO days after the email said the boxes had been sent, the range of products within this box was interesting, the “Summer Pamper Edition: as it has been labelled.


Again, the leaflet accompanying the box states it’s overall value of items to be £39+ (approx £39.93 to be exact, excluding once item as it is a sample size.). Again, six items are supplied:

  • Vitamasques Rose Gold Sheet Mask (RRP £5.99)
  • Laponie of Scandinavia Skincare Toner. 50ml (£24.00)
  • Derma V10 Tea Tree and Peppermint Foot Treatment (RRP £1.00)
  • Kierin NYC Sunday Brunch Deluxe Perfume Sample (the price of full size £65)
  • BAMBeautiful Conditioning Masque. 50ml (RRP £4.95)
  • Seren London Cheek Rouge. (RRP £3.99)

Straight away I tried the Derma V10 Foot Treatment! The leaflet mentions it contained Vitamin E to “deeply moisturise the skin, help soothe and soften, dry, rough and cracked heels”. I’ve been fortunate with good skin on my feet but they still deserve a pampering!


Nice big packet!


The booties you get come joined together which you have to cut open to slide them over each foot and secure with a sticky part on the boot. I was expecting, whilst wearing the boot, to find the product too slippery to walk around in them on hard flooring but I was surprised.


Would have helped to have a “cut here” line or diagram on the packet! 


Aside from the initial coolness of the cream, I forgot after a while I had them on! When I did eventually remove the booties and the clean off the excess (which the skin absorbed quickly) my feet did feel considerably smoother and the smell was gorgeous!


Loved wearing these, great idea.


Next up, I tried the Vitamasques Rose Gold Sheet Mask. Now, being a student I wouldn’t spend the asking price of this for a facemask (RRP £5.99)! Maybe I would for the foot pack which, as someone who does a lot of walking in hiking boots, was a reasonable price I thought (RRP £1.00), but the face mask… hmm.


The mask is folded up small inside this big packet.


An “Ultra-thin, moisturising sheet mask with real gold leaf… for dry, sensitive skin… the gold acts as an anti-inflammatory and Rose acts to soothe redness” … I’m no stranger to sensitive skin with a lot of redness so was looking forward to using this.

Straight out of the packet it smelled lovely and there was a lot of moisturiser on the mask. It was quick and easy to apply, cool to the touch and it settled well on my face. I enjoyed the relaxing feel to this mask and my skin certainly felt smoother and fresher afterwards. When I removed the mask there was a lot of moisture still on my skin and in the packet – I felt as if I could use the mask again, there was a lot still on it! Definitely reuse more than once! Did it do anything for the redness? Sadly, no. This might be one product I would skip purchasing.

Next up, the interestingly named Sunday Brunch by KIERIN NYC. Made with unusual ingredients such as Italian Bergamot and Earl Grey Tea, this perfume suggests a scent of “a celebratory mood… memories of a life well lived… inspired by the energetic vibes of an urban lifestyle” whilst being cruelty free.


Wished I had more of this product!


I must say I loved the smell! So much so that I’m contemplating this being my next scent when my other perfume bottle runs out! The smell stayed on me all day and was complimented by several people. I like bold smells and this one is BOLD.

I haven’t gotten around to using the BAMBeautiful Condition Masque just yet, nor the Seren Cheek Rouge but I have used the Laponie of Scandinavia Skincare Toner as a quick pick-me-up during the day and after cleansing. Instantly refreshing and hydrating, this “smoothing sea kelp and calming liquorice root” feels lovely on the skin and doesn’t leave any sticky sensation. Easy to rub in and left the skin a bit tingly I will give this product a go over a longer period to test to toning effects. A good quality product I thought.


A nice toner spray.


Overall, I’m impressed with the choice of products in this box. Two single-use items, one small item and three long use items are all good value for the box price… and products that will last a while (or at least until the next box arrives through the post!). Good job, The Vegan Kind.

Again, from sales of the Beauty Box, 20p is donated to Animal-Free Research UK who are aiming to assist in the eradication of using animals in medical research.


Another good box with interesting items inside.


If you’re interested in these boxes or any other Vegan product then I would highly recommend you visit: The Vegan Kind. Enjoy.

-Just Joanne

The Vegan Kind box review

I’ve just eaten the tastiest almond white chocolate bar! A vegan, fair trade, organic, gluten-free, palm oil free and eco-friendly almond white chocolate bar to be precise! This particular chocolate bar came as part of a ‘Vegan Lifestyle Box’ from The Vegan Kind company.

Recently, after going back to the “student lifestyle” and starting van dwelling, I’ve been pondering a lot about sustainability and my usage of non-recyclables etc. I’m proud that we’ve managed to become a household that has consistently recycled for about three years+ now but on my last teaching placement I was shocked at the amount of paper that was being used weekly; on average we were using a ream of paper (500 sheets) per 10 trainees, so that’s 6% of a tree. Doesn’t seem like much for 10, but multiply that by 100 staff and even more students and it just doesn’t bear thinking about. Then I got to thinking about meat consumption, expensive outdoor gear, diesel within the van etc. etc.

PGCE Folders with lessons plans etc. This doesn’t include worksheets, waste paper etc. Just so much paper used.

The conclusion I came to was small significant changes need to be made to make my life more ethically based. Being at a centre placement has made me reconsider a few bits of my lifestyle – one being meat consumption. A little known fact about me is that I went 9 years as a vegetarian in my student days and largely my diet is vegetarian based now with the only meat consumption happening during the sandwiches provided by the centre, the rest of the time it’s largely non-meat. The result, I do feel a lot healthier! Small steps to get back to where I once was…

I’ve been back home for a couple of days and decided I wanted to try cooking some small, simple recipes. I found “BOSH!” at a stupidly cheap price on Amazon and liked one of the recipes so decided to order it to look at more (plus, this book was highly recommended by another friend). A day later, I had managed to successfully cook the Crispy Chili Tofu and you know what? It looked exactly like it did on the picture! Inspired! My cooking NEVER looks tasty!



So anyway, when you tend to purchase things those hidden website ‘cookies’ then tell your social media what you’ve purchased or browsed and they then recommend things to you; for me, Instagram recommended The Vegan Kind. A one-stop shop and box subscription service to all things Vegan. There’s lots here, new products, products you won’t find the local supermarket, high-quality products… such much in one place! It also runs a subscription service, which I wanted to try.

The Vegan Kind has two subscription boxes, a Lifestyle (food) box and a Beauty Box. Knowing that I would probably eat all the food items from the Lifestyle box in one day, I’ve opted in to the beauty box (not for consumption, for value for money reasons and wanting to find products right for me);  the previous boxes from the company showed a strong consideration of choice in their products, rather than just random items and price wise… these boxes are good value for money!

Both boxes came on the same day!

Lifestyle Box

As mentioned, I haven’t subscribed to this box but you can purchase previous boxes The Vegan Kind Supermarket if they still have them available. I purchased the March box, the 65th(!) box of theirs for about £8 (using a ‘newbie’ code voucher) to see what it was all about.

full of goodies!

First off, let’s just say, after a quick royal mail delivery, the Vego almond chocolate bar was devoured which such gusto that I blinked and it was gone! I actually felt a little sad not to have any more bars for a later snacking. The bar was creamy, melt in your mouth delicious!

the ethical packaging considerations are a nice touch

Next to be devoured was the smokehouse bbq flavour of the Üfit Crunchers crisp snack. The pack contains 10g of protein (20% of the snack) and tastes delicious! I would happily purchase these again as they are also very filling (RRP £1.29). I think my other half would like them as well.

very tasty for the tummy

The Bircher Muesli with apple and raspberry breakfast pot by Deliciously Ella (RRP £1.49) It felt heavier compared to regular breakfast pots but OMG, the taste was AMAZING! I’ve had these before and they are very high-quality food products. Your tummy will thank you!

I’m in love!

The Rocky Road was great – so great in fact I already took a bite out of it before I thought I’d get a photo. This has such a pleasing aftertaste. Now, I’ve eaten a lot of Rocky Road in my time and they always leave me craving for more because they aren’t satisfying, THIS I found to be very satisfying. Its thick cake bar takes a while to get through!

so filling – Rocky Road is my fav!

It would have been nice to have an accompanying drink to this box however, I can imagine the additional weight and possibility of spillage would cause issues with the postal service and increase the price for the consumer, so with that in a mind I did browse what current options are out there on their Supermarket that can be purchased at local retailers. My favourite energy drink, Tenzing is on there! Yay!

Looking at the overall value, all the products in the box, including the book, was £17.40 combined.

  • Vego White-Almond Bliss. 50g (RRP £2.09)
  • DK Vegan On The Go book by Jerome Eckmeier and Daniela Lais. (RRP £6.99)
  • Natur Compagnie Organic Asian Veggie Noodle Snack Pot. 55g (RRP £2.20)  
  • Mummy Meagz Sea Salt & Honeycomb Rocky Road Cake Bar 55g. (RRP £2.15)
  • Indie Bay Snacks Spelt and Easy Cheesy Pretzel Bites. 26g (RRP £1.19)
  • Deliciously Ella Breakfast Pots. 90g (RRP £1.49)
  • UFIT Crunchers Smokehouse BBQ. 27g (RRP £1.29)  

Lifestyle boxes are shipped monthly and there are 4 subscriptions you can choose from, every month, every 3 or 6 months or one annual payment. At £10 (+p&p), you get some fantastic food items at great prices! Check them out here: The Vegan Kind.

Beauty Box

the leaflet detailing the products was a nice touch

The subscription I’ve signed up for is the beauty box. I’m starting to become a lot more aware of what animal items are within our cosmetics and bathroom products and wanted to find out more companies that are ethically minded about their items.

The leaflet that accompanies the box states it’s overall value of items to be £65+ (£68.18 to be exact)

  • Skin Radiance Retinol Moisturiser Cream. 50ml (RRP £14.99)
  • Official B. Fan Brush. (RRP £6.99)
  • PHB Superfood 2-in-1 Face and Eye Serum. (RRP £1.20)
  • CODE Beautiful SSL liner (RRP £18.00)
  • BYBI Beauty Prime Time Facial Polish. 60ml (RRP £24.00)
  • SHOBU Indulgence Bath Bomb for the Shower (RRP £3.00)

Which, at a subscription rate of about £18 (including p&p,) bi-monthly*, is really good value for money – even better when you find out there is NO contract and you can cancel at any time.

The product I liked the most out of this box was the Skin Radiance Retinol Moisturiser Cream. Smells nice, easy to apply and boasts of anti-ageing properties! It just sunk into the sink and left it feeling lovely and soft. The primer was easy to apply and left my skin feeling fresh before I applied the moisturiser. I’m curious to know how the ‘bath bomb for the shower’ by Shobu will work, once I’ve tried I will come back and update this blog post.

The other two items, the brush and lip liner. I’m not a bit fan of makeup but as I’m getting older I’m trying it out some more (hiding those wrinkles) and I love the lip liner colour! I’m glad the box contains about 90% of the items I will use (and 1 item to make a friend happy!) and am already looking forward to what the next one will hold!

great items at a fraction of the price!

With each box a different charity benefits from its purchase – for the Lifestyle box one, 10p is donated to sponsoring Coppershell Farm Sanctuary in Corsham, Wiltshire (They currently have a page to raise the running costs of the farm), in the Beauty Box, 20p is donated to Animal Free Research UK who are aiming to assist in the eradication of using animals in medical research.

Overall, I’m impressed with both these boxes. I just have a curiosity about them like I did with the KlifBox subscription, but I think I will keep the subscription for the Beauty Box going. I’ve enjoyed the products and will keep using them and now I have a curiosity to find out what else will be sent out.

If you’re interested in these boxes or any other Vegan product then I would highly recommend you visit: The Vegan Kind. Enjoy.


*February, April, June, August, October & December