Mobile Phone Discovery

I wonder, if people were to think about all the mobile phones they’ve had in their life how would they feel about it? Would they know how many they’ve used?

I bought my first phone when I was 16 (maybe 17) years old. I remember it well, it was a Nokia phone from Tesco that only had two lines of text on the screen – one line was the time and the other was the message- to read the message you had to scroll across. I remember using it to call my gay best friend, John, to discuss the latest episode of Sex in the City (his favourite character was Samantha, mine was Carrie but we both adored how sweet Charlotte was…)

Then, it all went crazy from there… so I’m going to try and list the phones I can recalling owning over the years…

  • Unknown Tesco phone
  • Nokia 3310 (old version)
  • Nokia 216
  • Nokia 105
  • Nokia 8110 (Matrix phone)


  • Nokia 8210
  • Nokia 6800
  • Nokia 7610 (loved this phone!)


  • Nokia Asha 210
  • Nokia 3310 (new style) – expedition phone
  • Nokia Lumia 735


  • Motorola Razr
  • Motorola V70
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 5C
  • iPhone 5S
  • Sony Ericsson W580i (Walkman phone)


  • Sony Ericsson C905i Cyber-shot
  • LG Ks360 in pink (another favourite of mine)


  • LG KP500 (another pink phone!)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – used for banking apps
  • Sony Experia
  • Blackberry Q10 – current phone.
  • Blackberry 9320
  • Blackberry Curve 8900
All the current phones I own (which are in bold in the list)

Now, mind you this is 20 years worth of phones… that’s 25 KNOWN phones that I can recall owning throughout those years. I’ve seen pictures of others which I seem to recall owning them but don’t recall for sure, so the number is probably higher… but seriously, wow. I’ve got to stick with one for much longer!

I’m not a fan of smartphones without a QWERTY keyboard. My current phone is a BlackBerry Q10 which, sadly they’ve stopped the BBM service in June this year and will no longer update the apps BUT, for me, this is a good thing for you see (and I know my other half would agree) is that I can get quite addicted to my phone.

At one point, a few years ago, I would wake up – go straight on the phone – go to work – find excuses to leave the classroom to go on the phone – break time – on the phone – lunchtime – on the phone – after work – on the phone – evening – on the phone all the way till bedtime. This was a pattern that was repeating daily and affecting relationships, so I switched to a phone that didn’t have apps, the new style Nokia 3310, to kerb the desire to be on it all the time.

At uni, I had to have a smartphone – mainly as a hotspot device to connect my laptop to the internet and I didn’t think I was too bad on it… but now I’ve been back home I’m again, on it a lot of the time. At least with the Blackberry, with its small screen and only a few apps (WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook lite, GPS, hotspot, Instagram lite) so it’s naturally restricting me and I’m better at moderating it because it takes longer to use these apps than on a touch screen smartphone…

But still, looking at that list I’m actually quite shocked at the number of phones I have owned. Twenty years is a long time but I hadn’t expected it to be that much…! All that money, all that plastic waste, all that time spent using them!!

I wonder dear reader, what your count will be if you were to list all the phones you’ve ever owned…

-Just Joanne