The loveliest teapot​​

When I was in North Wales I just KNEW that I wanted out of Swindon. I’ve never been enamoured with the town but the people and my hobbies kept me there… but really, I wasn’t there. We always took the opportunity to head out somewhere, anywhere to get away from it as much as possible.  I just felt it was time to go, we weren’t happy, we weren’t motivated nor did we like the attitudes of most.

Casually browsing one day, I spotted this tea cosy in Betws-y-Coed last year where I’d parked up with my van for a few nights. I told myself it was for our “new” house where ever that would be when I finished course…

It began a goal, a token, a physical commitment that action needed to be taken. Upon my return to Swindon for months, it sat in a visible place on our table to quietly remind me of the need to get away from this place that made my miserable… I would know when I’d have found the right place when I could find a tea pot to accompany it…

Fast forward to now, to today, to a surprise of a tea pot from my other half for my birthday – a sunflower yellow one infact that has already been put to use!

What a beautiful thing!

It feels like we’ve finally “made it“. The commitment to leave so desperately has been accomplished. We’ve gone, we’re not going back! This feels better than a medal at the end of a race!

My little tea pot is just perfect.

Just Joanne