Vegan Kind Lifestyle #71 Box review

This is going to be a very quick review of this box; mainly because I’ve lost to sheet with all the info on but also because I’ve just started an MA programme and trying to get the reading done!

‘Vegan Lifestyle Box’ from The Vegan Kind company.

This box really delivered on fantastic goods this month; truely good stuff I enjoyed eating and wanting more…

Let’s start with the Tenzing Drink (RRP £1.59). I am a big energy drink fan, but only the “high quality” stuff (RB) but hate the amount of sugar in it – whilst drinking one helps me get the house cleaning done quickly, I crash really badly and if I drink a can too close to bedtime I wake up during the night with an incredible thirst and dry mouth, not pleasant at all!


I buy Tenzing when I can, but I’ve not tried this flavour before… it was delicious, but not a drink to be drunk all at once; the raspberry and yuzu flavour needs savouring. There was no unpleasant or strong after taste the amount of drink was just right. I didn’t feel like I was drinking pure sugar… there are no sweeteners in this either! Only 48 calories per can!


I ate this Divine Organic chocolate (lemon flavour) (RRP £3.49) before I thought about that any photos of the product – whoops – but you can’t blame me once you’ve tried some! A smooth texture with a hint of lemon that wasn’t overpowering, this chocolate is a treat after a long day at work; better to eat slowly and bit by bit rather than all at once like I (almost) did! Savour it…


After to Divine Chocolate I didn’t want any more for a while so I will be honest and say I gave away my Vego Dark Nuts and Berries chocolate bar (RRP £2.69) to my other half who, being a big nut and berries chocolate fan, said it was delicious and very rich in flavour. The chocolate bar itself in THICK and a good size to fit in your bag or pocket. Gluten, soya and palm oil-free as well as fairtrade and organic as well!


I love products, such as this one, that doesn’t try to ensure all of its product is the same size etc., there’s a general shape to them but the different sizes makes it fun to match them up… 100g isn’t enough btw, you will be craving more of these! Mallow Puffs, salted caramel mallows in Belgian dark chocolate (RRP £3.49)… loving the product, maybe not sure much the price for the amount you get but it’s forgivable once you’ve has a taste! Both other half and I gave our approval and vowed to look out for more when we go shopping – hopefully, supermarkets will start stocking them as I’ve only seen them being sold online (please enlighten if you’ve seen them on the shelves!)

The gift with this book was this wonderful bamboo mug with this beautiful design on it! Absolutely loved it and I believe TVK have had more subscriptions because of it (I know I had to order a box!)


What can I say other than it’s absolutely gorgeous! The design is dishwasher safe (mines been in a few times) and the lid screws on tightly. I’ve had a lot of different drinks in it and so far it’s been a very robust little colourful mug. Hopefully, they’ll begin to sell them on the supermarket so others can purchase.

This, by far, has been a fantastic box to receive. In this day of #plasticpolution though… will they try to find more Vegan/vegetarian goodies than don’t come in plastic packaging?!

If you’re interested in these boxes or any other Vegan product then I would highly recommend you visit: The Vegan Kind. Enjoy.

– Just Joanne

Cooking delights

When I was younger my mother would good a good meal each night – meat, potatoes and vegetables usually factored in each sitting; each nutritious and enjoyable; I recall being taught how to cook the more popular ingredients our family enjoyed – sausages, beans, bacon, eggs, chips and veg, such as peas and carrots etc.

When I left home at sixteen these lessons helped me well, but with fast food, microwave meals and dehydrated noodle packs the level of care to the food I was consuming was minimal; I viewed food as a “quick fix“; something that would take a lot of time out of my day to prepare and cook… and to do that three times a day? No thank you, I just wanted to run around and mess about in my twenties! If you were to calculate how much fast food I have purchased over the years it would easily be in the thousands of pounds from me…

So I am VERY surprised to find I have developed a sudden interest in cooking meals from scratch… and not the simple ones, some really nicely complicated ones full of different combinations of yummy ingredients – mostly plant-based as well (my body is wondering where all the vitamins and nutrients are coming from!), but mainly ones with ingredients I haven’t eaten for a while…

So, here are a few meals I have made recently and wanted to share:

Broccoli, onion and blue cheese quick quiche from The Green Roasting Tin by Rukmini Iyer.  This was so easy to make and keep some for the next day’s lunch.

Dorset Apple Traybake by BBC Good Food (though this was cooked in a tin, not a tray). This was very tasty, so simple and quick to make and the portions lasted ages.

My first ever Sunday roast (cooked on a Monday…heh): Lamb (in accordance with label instructions), caramelised onions and carrots, honeyed parsnips, roast potatoes and boiled sprouts (as soft as mother used to make – lovely!). Proud of this! I had been baking a lot of vegetarian food, so this was a change recently…

My ultimate favourite: Crispy Chilli Tofu from the Bish Bash Bosh book. I’ve made this a couple of times since moving here and would make it more often once I discover where to find cheaper tofu from…


…and, PANCAKES! Learning to perfect those pancakes for a quick morning treat… can’t ever eat enough pancakes, they are too delicious!


I have cooked a lot more than this but neglected to take photos; I have several recipes in my list that I wish to cook; tonight I’m cooking a carrot Tarte Tatin from The Green Roasting Tin by Rukmini Iyer and I’m eyeing up a Vegan ‘Big Mac’ from can’t believe I’ve waited this long to actually get cooking!!

– Just Joanne