Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020

It’s been lovely to read how other people have discovered how 2019 has effected them and reading their aspirations and hopes for 2020. I hadn’t intended on writing about my year but felt, considering I haven’t written a blog for a while, that I would be a nice reflection for me.

I must say for me, 2019 has been one of the better years for a while. It has been the year where I become a professional, discovered I can achieve higher than I ever contemplated, explored rural Wales and moved to a nicer location and finally, started to feel more in control than I have been in previous years. I’ve even gone back to being vegetarian (looking towards Veganism) and cooking a lot more.

Learning to cook more recipes has been an enjoyable pastime in 2019

Along the way, my self worth and value has increased, as well as, being more assertive than before, which has raised my confidence and belief in myself and I’m so pleased with this. Feeling more content with life and especially pleased at how our relationship has developed and grown is wonderful as we enter 2020.

2020 does look like it will be an interesting year since much of my work timetable has been fixed already. There will be a lot of juggling and movement around the South East/Wales/Lake District; hopefully, I will find the time to fit in a holiday overseas.

One of the best places I visited in 2019, Exmoor.

I don’t ask for much from 2020; I shall just continue to try and sort my finances – which, currently, looks very promising. I hope to continue improving and learning photography skills – hopefully, changing this website will continue to encourage that (still need to edited the pages and add content)- alongside this hobby, I will focus a lot more with the MA and hopefully pass the modules. At this point in time, nothing is certain, and it all looks optimistic.

So, I wish best of luck in 2020 to anyone reading this. I hope it’ll bring you all that you want and need for a happy and content life.

Joanne Christine

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