The Vegan Kind box review #3

This delivery has been the best box I’ve received so far from The Vegan Kind beauty box subscription! It didn’t seem like much at first glance (as the items are small in size compared to the other items from previous boxes) but I think each one is fantastic.


Starting off with there were five items in this Beauty Box:

  • Corpore Sanctum Tonify Me Bunny Mist. 70ml. RRP £14.95
  • Greenfrog Botanic Pink Clay Konjac Facial Sponge. RRP £8.95
  • Crazy Rumors Hibiskiss Tinted Lip Balm. RRP £4.99
  • ORGANii Hand and Nail Cream. RRP £2.95
  • Superdrug Rosehip and Cactus Fruit Travel Set. RRP £2.00

Totalling £33.84, so roughly around the same monetary value as the other boxes (without sample sizes this time).

The chosen charity for this book is Animal Free Research UK. The accompanying leaflet informs the reader that £100 from this edition (box #23) is being donated to help “fund and promote the development of techniques and procedures to replace the use of animals in biomedical research.”

The cute Corpore Sanctum Tonify Me Bunny Mist container leaps out at you when you first open the box (not literally!).


Its bunny cap is cute. There’s no denying that. The company Corpore Sanctum, a Korean company (but made in the UK), creates these Eco-Friendly Bunny bottles, to tone up your skin and minimise pores with its vitamin C formula. I found this easy to use, just cover your eyes, spray on your face and allow the mist to sink in for a couple of minutes – the after effects was a more toned skin – it felt really good and the sink felt tigher as well as refreshed. 


I’m not one to wear coloured lip balm, I prefer clear balm to keep my lips soft, but I liked the colour of the Crazy Rumors Hibiskiss Tinted Lip Balm when I applied it. It is not too obvious, easy to apply and has a wonderful smell to it. I highly recommend you check out their website and the other balms on sale – honeycomb, choco strawberry, mint lemongrass, orange creamsicle – they all sound amazing! This small, but delicious lip balm won’t be too far away from me; I’ll probably use it all in a week!


The beauty product in this book was the Greenfrog Botanic Pink Clay Konjac Facial Sponge. Made from the Konjac Plant, which has been used in Japan for over 1,500 years, this sponge feels hard to the touch at first. The instructions inform you to soak the sponge in the shower or sink in warm water for a minute or so to soften it up before using. Afterwards, hang it up to dry properly where it will harden again. As these sponges are natural, they will biodegrade over approximately 8 weeks before needing replacement.

It was an unusual sensation to use on my face for the first time: it did soften after following the recommendations for soaking and felt nice (I’ve just been used to plastic body flannels which are much softer). My skin felt good and cleansed after using it though! I can’t wait to use it again.


The nice thing about these beauty boxes is finding new companies and products to use that are cruelty free and vegan/vegetarian but I’m always left wondering how to obtain them again without online ordering (which adds to the cost), so to see a high street product in this box is refreshing – the Superdrug Rosehip and Cactus Fruit Travel Set, with a lot cost of £2, was a nice addition. Smelly gorgeous (rosehips is my favourite smell), there’s a good amount in each bottle. The liquid isn’t gooey, comes out easily and is easy to apply – it even left a wonderful lovely smell afterwards. I will consider buying more of this on my next trip into town. I would recommend if you have soft hair already to purchase this, but for those needing more specialist shampoos to treat dry hair might want to consider trying elsewhere and my hair did feel a little dry afterwards.


Lastly, the one product I adored from this box! The ORGANii Hand and Nail Cream smelled AMAZING! It has Sea Buckthorn extract and Orange oil, which smelt rather strongly when the liquid was applied to the skin – mind you, the smell will not be to everyone’s liking as it does smell very citrusy and strongly, just how I like it! I could happily apply this all over me and have looked at their other products online to find a matching body wash. I’m sure this one won’t last that long as well as the others!

So, this box has been my favourite. There is no one product I’ve disliked or wanted to pass on to someone else and a couple of things here I will contemplate buying more once they run out.

If you wanted to find out what other boxes have contained, have a look at my blog reviews here for box #21 and box #22. At this present time, until we find a house to move to (starting new job in September), I’ve temporarily suspended my boxes until we’re settled so might miss the next one!

If you’re interested in these boxes or any other Vegan product then I would highly recommend you visit: The Vegan Kind. Enjoy.

– Just Joanne

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