Amazing people

I think there’s a lot of people who I have felt honoured to know and who are amazing individuals in their own unique way; from the determined runner who runs 10k easily daily and had built themselves up to that level even if running isn’t their sport but they keep at it; the academic who just keeps expanding on their knowledge and dedicates their time to developing others because that’s their passion; to the parent who, whilst they had dreams of an adventurous life, put their children first to ensure they had the best start in life and stayed in the 9-5 office life.

Yes, I’ve met a few extraordinary people in my life and I will go one about some more – to the mother who stayed in a loveless marriage so her children had a home; to the man behind the till, no matter how horrible people were, still greeted everyone with a hearty smile and a hello; to the administrator who doesn’t know just how wonderful she is because every day she accepted everyone as they are, even the ones that caused a lot of frustration!

The dedicated teacher who spends their evenings and weekends creating the most wonderful resources and lessons so their students are fully prepared for their exams and enjoy their education; the woman who judges herself against others and can not see how wonderful she is and how much joy she brings to others- if she wasn’t that way people wouldn’t tell her their secrets (they know she can keep them!); to the student who knows all the answers but lack the courage and conviction to believe in their own abilities and finally; the father who just has the biggest smile when he speaks about his family and children, there’s so much love there and he’s proud to show it!

Yes, there are amazing people in this world. They can’t often see how amazing they are but others can spot it. I think I will do more in this life to tell people how amazing I think they are and how I’m grateful to know/have known them well.

-Just Joanne

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