When something doesn’t feel right.

As I go through the teaching job hunting cycle at the moment… applying, getting invited to interview, either deciding to go or not to go, attending etc… I had an interview yesterday for a “good” rating academy along the south coast for a Teacher of Girls PE and Outdoor Education. 

On the same day as my application was submitted I was invited to an interview that was happening 2 days later and decided to attend as, even though it was challenging at times, I had previously enjoyed working within an academy and was keen to see what the teaching role fully involved, it sounded interesting, especially the Outdoors side of things.

So I travelled down to Swindon to evening before, then on to the South Coast from a 5am start to get to the academy in plenty of time. About 7 hours of travell time altogether.


The usual sign in, introductions, meet the other candidates, greet the department, have a look around happened… then I decided to withdraw my application then and there.

Much to the surprise of myself, it just didn’t feel RIGHT.

The academy was lovely. You could easily see happy members of staff, the building was well looked after, the students had plentiful resources, the P.E department was one of the best I’d seen, yet it felt so stifling to me. Artificial. Unnatural. I’ve been so used to the processes, systems, support of an academy I thought that fitting into another would probably work in the long term, and it might still? Just maybe not right now?

At least this experience has given me a better understanding of what I would like, job wise and location wise, in the future. I surprised myself by leaving and not continuing, but then I didn’t feel like I wanted to stay. Some people I’ve spoken to said I should have stayed to gain the experience, to give myself a better chance etc. (didn’t feel this would happen as one of the candidates was already employed in the position, just on a temp contract and having to reapply), and/or to be polite and finish the interview ; though I argue, it’s better to be honest to yourself than drag yourself (and others) through what probably would be a painful interview!

So the job journey continues!

Just somewhere where there are mountains…


 – Just Joanne 


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