First week at uni.

And what a week!

Well, it’s just the usual introductory week so the ‘lectures’ have mostly been information about the course, the campus, it’s facilities, general wellbeing and financial support information and a library visit! So nothing terribly exciting at all.

Bangor is a seemingly nice city (it used the title of ‘city’ by ancient prescriptive right until the Queen made it official in 1974). I’m not sure what to make of it. Apparently, there are 18,000 people here but it doesn’t feel like it because 10,500 of those are university students who don’t arrive until the end of September…

The university site the PGCE students are based on is small (compared to having attended the University of West England) but the University has a couple of other sites located around the town. The town has a couple of large brand name shops (Home Bargains, Next, Argos etc) but several of the smaller shops have shut down in the town centre so it looks rather run down in places. Out lecturer mentioned that independent businesses, unless already established, rarely trade for very long (approx 3-4 years) before either closing for good or relocating to large towns and cities.

The views are lovely though…










Bangor has a pier called, Garth Pier, which is the second longest pier in Wales at 1,500 feet (460 m) in length. It opened in 1893 and was a promenade pier, for the amusement of holiday-makers who could stroll among the pinnacle-roofed kiosks.


Garth Pier entranceway.



Grath Pier, quaint, small and peaceful. No large amusement arcades here.


I quite like this little pier. As you walk along there are a lot of memorial plaques on the seating or barriers, a lot of people also quite liked this pier!

Having a car has been quite useful so far, it’s allowed me to explore the countryside around the area and I took a walk up the hills near Conwy Mountain one evening.


Sheep galore on the hillsides!
The sunsets are beautiful here.


So as part of our next five weeks of training, the ODA group have various outdoor activities to partake in – mountain biking, SUPing, outdoor climbing, bouldering etc. so we’re introduced to what the content of an ODA course might look like in a school or outdoor education centre.

There are nine of us on the ODA PGCE course, two of the group are doing a joint course (R.E and Physics respectively) and the rest just the ODA. There are varying experiences the group members have – from school-based, outdoor education based, university-based – and knowledge and interests, so the next couple of weeks should be interesting as we get to know each other and share information.

On Friday, we took part in paddle boarding on Llyn Padarn, learning how to stand, balance, turn and put another person back on their board. I didn’t fall in often this time like I have done before and my balancing has gotten better (but it’s not great yet), just need to work on getting back on to the board.


Llyn Padarn from Union Rock


Afterwards, we went to Union and Lion rock so the members of the group, who have completed the Single Pitch Award training, can teach those that haven’t/the instructor abseil, top-roping and I forget the name of the other one right now.

I found it all really interesting. I’m not sure how the school utilise outdoor climbing, but I’m sure I will learn in time.


So that’s it for the first week, I will write about the weekend activities in another blog, but right now I’m not sure how I feel at this point about it all. I am homesick, still more so than I imagined I would be and to combat this I have been keeping myself busy. It is more, missing various people and a dog named Bailey, than anything else but I feel that this PGCE will be very demanding and I’ve got to get into the mindset for that over these next couple of days.

Just Joanne 

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