Shelving is fixed!

Only two more working days left, then I will have left a job I’ve been at for nearly eight years! Longest job yet (though it’s always felt like a new job each year with the number of changes the Senior Leadership Team make!!)!

I’ve been fortunate enough this week to have help in the form of, Shawnee (teacher) and Chris (technician) at work,  in fixing the missing shelves in the back of my van. These were very much needed to give protection to the battery and separate it from possible spills etc., and so I can have more space for clothing etc. The invertor has also been fixed in properly (I pleasantly surprised at how quiet it is when it is running)


Fixing in the shelves in the van.
The space at the side allows for a cable to run from the inverter to the ‘electronic shelf’.


The bottom shelf and middle will become clothing shelves, the second from the top will be an ‘electronic shelf’ where the main plugs go and the top top shelf… no idea yet. I still have a lot of thinking to do around storage and considerations on what I will be taking.

I have the opportunity to gain a Mountain Bike Instructor Level 2 Leadership award whilst at Uni but, somehow, I don’t think I can fit my mountain bike in the van with me. I believe the university has bike racks so it might be that the bike is taken up initially with me and left there…? Still pondering on that one.

Anyway, I also found the missing shelf so, that’s gone back in properly.


The missing door has been found and fixed.


I’m gearing up for the move. Still, lots to consider and do. I found a nifty laptop backpack in TK Maxx that’ll carry all that I’ll need


My new University bag…


And lastly, with the help of Maria as work, we spent a good couple of hours preparing, pinning and using the sewing machine to ‘finish’ the neckers on my camp blanket… I say ‘finish’ loosely as I have two more to go on there but they are coming to Serbia with me first. If you look at the picture you can see my mother’s beautiful attempts at the top, perfectly near and aligned, then’s there’s mine at the bottom! Cringing.

Still, I’m pleased as punch with it. It has ten years worth of memories from various camp and events on it with space for more… I still have about fifty badges to sew on…


My camp blanket with neckers from Serbia, Iceland, Switzerland and Ireland as well as UK camps.


Now long now until our Serbian adventure! Our contingent kit has arrived in its bright red glory! The badge has been sewn on to the uniform and… well, we’re just about ready to go.


My various pin badges from various camps and the Jamboree badge.


I hope it all goes well for the Explorer Belt participants, the weather whilst we’re out there looks to be a mix of rain and high humidity, but they should be ok as long as they are sensible.

I’m glad I have this in my calendar so soon after finishing work as it’s nice to have something to look forward to. I was recently asked to describe my holidays in the recent years in an interview, I faltered when giving my response when I realised that my ‘holidays’ aren’t your typical family-type-relaxation-ones but days spent helping others achieve various awards, such as the DofE or Explorer Belt, I don’t think, at this stage in my life, I would know how to have those family-type-relaxation-ones!

The bright red tomato kit.

Still, it’s all enjoyable. Only a few more ‘get-ups’ then we’ll be on our way across Europe to the land of ‘new beginnings


Just Joanne

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