I blogged about four days ago that I was in Snowdonia and had a ‘moment’ where I lacked confidence on the hillside; I don’t think I want to talk any more about that, but I do want to talk about our other place visit last weekend.



Having been to Snowdonia several times we’ve never had the opportunity to partake in certain activities and visit certain places and attractions because of the dog being denied entry (plus, he’s not one for sightseeing!), so we decided to visit Portmeirion as it’s always been on our list of places to explore.

For those that don’t know Portmeirion, it is a beautiful place that was built by Welsh architect Clough Williams-Ellis from 1925 to 1973. Its name was changed to ‘Port‘, because of the coastal location and ‘Meirion‘ as this is Welsh for Merioneth, the county in which it lay. At the time of acquiring the site, Clough described it as “a neglected wilderness – long abandoned by those romantics who had realised the unique appeal and possibilities of this favoured promontory but who had been carried away by their grandiose landscaping…into sorrowful bankruptcy.” 

Built in stages, the area has an Italian style design and now has shops, cafes, hotels and cottages as well as residents around the site and its woodland. It was the location for the television show The Prisoner and dotted around the site are shops, head busts and references to the show.

I think this blog warrants a photo drop of the site. It’s just so beautiful and we spent ages exploring every alcove we could find.

The woodland around the village was fun to explore. We found a dog’s cemetery, overseen by a carved dog guarding the graves. I read out the names on the gravestones (so many pups buried here).

After this, we went up to the viewpoint to look over the estuary…


.. before heading back for overpriced drinks and ice cream. We spent many hours at this place and would happily return again. Definitely, a place I would recommend to anyone to visit.

Just Joanne

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