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Last year I found out about Klifbox. What was intriguing to me was the gear that was within their first box – a Petzl GriGri+, Plasfun belaying glasses (I really want to try these out), Petzl carabiner, Petzl belt (I have one of these!) and various other small items. Pretty cool stuff. I thought I’d give it a go when funds allowed (what really convinced me was the 8bPLUS chalk bag in the second box, I now own a ‘Lily’ bag.)

Klifbox describes themselves as a bimonthly subscription box for climbers and that each box comes loaded with premium climbing gear. All for €69 (£63.06 at time of purchase in December). The value of the first box was certainly almost double that amount!

Now I’m a lover of gadgets – most notably belay devices (of which I am building up a nice collection) and novelty chalk bags (I may have a few…) so when I was donated some money I thought I’d get a box… which arrived today!!


It was shipped from France on the 13th and arrived on the 21st (like, literally a couple of hours ago!) and I would being telling a big old porkie if I said I didn’t check my emails almost a trillion times a day to see when it was shipping!

A box within a box, which I ripped open as quickly as possible (it was like a second Christmas!) IMG_9698.jpg

Each boxed is themed and this one was “CHINA”. The leaflet wishes you an “adventurous Earth Dog Year” and the items were are themed around China (even down to the Goji berries in the snack!). The owners have thought carefully about this theme – the Kilfmag informs you that “Chinese people offer a red packet with money inside for Chinese New Year” (the “hongbao” tradition) and explains each item’s link to China (nicely done!)



So, the items inside.

When you sign up to Klifbox you provide some basic details about sizes etc and… true to their word, you get the size you wrote down. So my Kailas Airo harness fitted me! Yippee, as a fat bottomed girl it’s hard to find harnesses in my size but I’m pleased with this. It feels thinner and lighter than what I currently use but I can’t wait to try it out.

The retail price = label says 699.00YEN on the back, about $109USD online = around £78. (about £98 online in UK stores)


So the harness was the ‘big’ product in the box (haha, literally in my case!) but it was the little ones that were most intriguing…


Having viewed the Myleore website it says that it doesn’t deliver to the UK; so sorry guys, if you like the product you’ll have to travel to France to obtain it if you can’t get it via UK companies… the other items seemed to be available via online stores that ship to the UK.

So, roughly the items come to about £108 converted to GBP. (I’ve not included The Circuit Climbing annual. This is dated 2015 and whilst it’ll be a good read I imagine this was a surplus item that was hanging around a warehouse somewhere…).

Overall opinion.

I do like. I like the idea of the bi-monthly climbing box. The first box, with all those Petzl goodies, pulls you in, and the second was good. This one impressed me with the carefully thought out theme and harness. However, your climbing kit is personal, I have people I can pass items on or pop it in our ‘climbing store’ (we have a wall at the school I work at, the kids love trying different climbing items) but in reality, you’re blindly purchasing goods you may never use and that’s a strong consideration.

Will I buy other boxes? Well, money is always tight with me and £60 is a lot. I probably will buy another box (when I get spare cash) because I like the surprise but there is only so much climbing stuff you can have… If you’re considering purchasing a box, consider the probability of being able to sell on the bigger item(s) if not to your desired taste – can it be sold on? Can you make some cash back? Could you donate it to young climbers just starting out? Raffle it?

I’m going to pop the DVD in now (whilst sitting my harness cause I haven’t taken it off yet – comfy!) and apply some more of the yummiest lip balm I’ve ever tried…

Just Joanne


On March 7th Klifbox emailed this message which makes for interesting reading in regards to the harness:

You received a KAILAS harness into your Chinese New Year box.

Many of you have been asking more technical specification about this product, so here we are!

We’ve chosen the brand KAILAS specifically because they received an ISPO award for the innovation and lightness of their harnesses. It’s a light & trustful gear sold around 100$ in sports shops all over the world, and we wanted our community to discover and enjoy this great product.

You can see here the technical details of KAILAS harnesses and the CE report tested by the French APAVE institution. The report shows the explanation of the ultra-thin belay loop.


Note: prices as on 21st Feb 2018


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    • That’s a really tough question to answer – for someone new to climbing like me (and who loves trying new equipment) I would say “yeah give it a go” but for more established climbers I don’t think it will be worthwhile. I liked what I got in my box, the harness is being used often each week, but I wouldn’t have liked any of the content of the most recent box (I do a lot of hillwalking and feel the items given were cheap ones!). There’s too much uncertainty for me to make this a regular purchase.

      Are there other options available? I would love to give them a go. 🙂


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