Forest School Level 3 Course: Day 4

Today was the practical element of the course and we went straight into learning how to support young children with bow saws (teamwork!) and using knives for whittling.


The instructors provided us with our own cut resistant gloves and knife (with a rounded end!). Even tried out a nifty little tool called a Palm tool- for drilling holes in woods without electricity needed.


Viola! Meet Stan the scaredy-cat stick figure. He’s afraid of everything! I made him myself.


Next task was cooking on an open fire, something I’ve had some experience in (lol). A Vegan bean chilli and flat bread.


What a result!


The afternoon was spent creating and whittling fire strikers using our new gloves and knife. Alongside this, we had the opportunity to use flint and steel to light charcloth to start a fire and a billhook to split wood. I spent my time working on my fire striker. Very therapeutic and fun.


So we have a little bit of homework tonight – learn a knot to teach another person… consider I know several I don’t think I’ll learn another (I’m off to the Banff Film Festival tonight anyway!). So alongside, cut resistant gloves, a knife, a fire striker we’ve also been given a book on knots and rope to practice on – definitely a lot lot better than printouts that always get filed away and never read!


Tomorrow is the last day. We’re running small sessions and discussing the assignment we’ll spend the next year completing. So far this course has been great, I’ve learnt a lot about Forest Schools and will look forward to putting it into practice in the future!

Just Joanne

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