A 2018 Challenge?

So I’m sitting on my warm sofa, in my warm living room, drinking my warm tea at 8am thinking about what I want to do with 2018… most notably, do I want to set myself a big challenge this year?

Ideally, I’d like to hibernate til springtime but having something to focus on will while away the months until I can frolick about amongst the daisies (it’s true, I do.) … I find challenge events fun and in the recent years there’s been so many to choose from!

For example,

Climb the height of Everest in a year… (Trail Magazine)



52 Hike Challenge (get outdoors every week of the year)… (52 Hike Challenge, American)



Join an organised event for a charity… (British Heart Foundation) (did this walking 50KM in 2016 the Peak District with Trek Fest. It rained. All day.)


Walk 1,000 miles… I did this in 2017, it was fun, you can buy a medal for your achievement as well! (Country Walking Magazine)


Run 1,000miles… attempted, er… say no more. (Trail Running Magazine)



So, as you can see this is only a small selection of challenges one can undertake in 2018… there is a theme here, I do like my walking/hiking/running/being outdoors but browsing around on Insta I see lots of ‘365 day’ challenges, such as taking a photo/drawing/painting etc but I don’t think I’ll be committed to a continuous daily challenge (getting out of bed on time is my daily challenge!)

I have a few smaller challenge sign-ups this year…

Stonehenge Stomp (20KM), Cotswold Marathon (Scouts, 32KM), RunFest (10KM) and, hopefully, my first half marathon, Swindon Half Marathon (21KM).

…and I think I’ll settle on them for now.

I think sticking to a running plan for a half marathon will be challenging enough for me… IF, I can drag myself away from this sofa… but I am tempted by the Walk 1,00miles… or climbing the height of Everest…

Just Joanne

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