Annapurna Circuit: Day 18 – Birethanthi to Naya Pul to Pokhara.

Sunday 31st December 2017.

We had a nice leisurely walk to Naya Pul, where we waited and picked up our bus.


Naya Pul was an interesting place, full of shops and lively bazaar town.


We said goodbye to our porters who’d carried our bags around the trek and both the Lapkas (guides) for being so kind and helpful. They were all fantastic especially the porters who, whilst carrying 24kg loads each, managed to arrive at our final destinations on most days by the time we were eating lunch! Amazing.


Goats tied to the top of buses and trucks were seen a fair bit on our travels…


Our bus journey wasn’t very long, about an hour and a half (much shorter than expected) and we arrived in Pokhara around lunch time. Pokhara is the largest town in terms of space, but is the second largest in terms of population. It is a popular tourist destination because of the activities you can do – paragliding, kayaking, bike riding etc around the lakes and the small shops, non-star tourist hotels, restaurants and bars you can visit. I loved it here straight away.

Our hotel was very glam and clean. Situated next to Phewa lake and a short walk to the main hub of the town we liked this hotel – just what you needed after 18 days of trekking.


We got a double bed room again!


The view from our balcony over the lake was gorgeous!


So, we walked along the lake side, past the numerous cafes and restaurants…


Pokhara was having a street fair to celebrate the New Year. I didn’t take many pictures but I did so a lot of shopping!



New Year’s Eve festivities Pokhara, Nepal style. It’s crazy. So many people on the streets, loud music, food, dancing – all happening at once! I took a very short clip of the madness.

New Year was celebrated with Terry. Fireworks were going off over the lake. We didn’t make any resolutions for the next year other than to have another New Year’s night someone where that’s interesting and different; this one certainly was!

Flight from Pokhara to Kathmandu the following morning:

Annapurna Circuit: Kathmandu.

Just Joanne.

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