Annapurna Circuit: Day 15 – Ghasa to Tatopani.

Thursday 28th December 2017.

After leaving Ghasa the trails descended to a suspension bridge over the Kali Gandaki before climbing back up again and passing through small villages.


Never have I ever seen so many goats in one area before… the photo doesn’t show it but they had a couple of ‘look out’ goats stood on the walls whilst the others basked in the sunshine.


These cows were stood opposite our lunch stop, when ‘shoo’d’ on by the residents they just moved back to their standing spot, not a care in the world. Of all the places they could have stood this was their spot…


The route continued on to Tatopani (1,190m) – Tatopani means “hot springs” which spurred us on to walk that little bit faster for the experience…
We were dropping in height again along undulating trails through forests and the open road with the river beside us. It was very relaxing and enjoyable just to walk this part. We made quick time as we were due to be in Tatopani by the afternoon to have time to soak in the hot springs baths in the village.


Our guest house for the night was The Old Kamala. I was told a story about how the proprietor, a man who has run the business for 40 years, used to walk 2 and 1/2 days to his boarding school as a child, stopping at houses along the way who put him up for the night. I know kids at school who grumble about running a mile in P.E!


The dining hall was perched on the other side of the village path – the Nepalese make good use of their space…


Big, fresh lemons were growing on the tree in the courtyard.


Comfortable beds! Had a really good nights sleep here.


Before the pass, we were advised not to eat meat as the meat could not be guaranteed to be fresh – we were after all in a Buddhist area where they do not kill animals on principle and import it in – but after the pass we were fine to eat meat again so I ordered a chicken sandwich and was presented with the most scrumptious sandwich that looked like the sandwiches you’d find in food magazines. I queried the bread being freshly made on site (it looked factory made) only to find out it was- it looked amazing and taste d fantastic!


I didn’t take my camera to the hot springs as I didn’t want it stolen or any issues with moisture but will post a picture of what the springs look like from another site.
I enjoyed the springs, it was a reasonable price to enter, 200rupees, and for that, you had as long as you wanted. One of the pools wasn’t in use when we were there but the larger one fed from the thermal springs was – this was lovely to soak in and we spent about an hour here.

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Just Joanne.

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