Annapurna Circuit: Day 14 – Larjung to Ghasa.

Wednesday 27th December 2017.

Whilst looking around Larjung, Terry and I watched some old ladies cross the valley floor to the other side and we wondered where they were going as we couldn’t see any visible buildings (if you notice from our photos that the Nepalese like their blue roofs on their building, this makes them easy to spot from a distance)- this morning we got to cross on the same route and arrived at some small buildings before climbing up to walk along an undulating forest path.

The views of the mountains were great from the valley floor.


Whilst on route I spotted this small insect; it’s hard shell, big eyes and pointed legs suggested it was a fierce little thing – our guide said that these types of insects are used in ‘insect fighting’ – a popular spectator sport in Asian countries. I couldn’t find the name of this bug on an internet search. Looks cute though.

P1040981 copy.jpg

We passed through Kokhethanti (2,657 metres) village, which was all closed for the season and not a soul was in sight – even the chickens were still caged in their pens!


We had a nice short climb to Titi village, deep within the hills.


These small children came and sat near our group as we rested in the sun and watched us. They had filthy clothes, no shoes on, looks of bewilderment and the oldest girl was taking care of her two younger brothers – they didn’t say a word to anyone, not even the guides. A far cry from the other children of Nepal we’d seen – usually the children are very open and talkative, still dressed in dirty casual wear or clean school uniform, but very chatty.


Through the village we walked until we reached Titi lake (also known as Titi Tal). At one point this was a much bigger lake but has reduced in size, it is however a good spot to view birds and wildlife as they use it as a water source.


Through the forest we continued to climb up to Nupsang Kharka where we had fantastic views of Dhaulagiri, Tukuche and Dhampus peaks.


Dropping down in height we had a quick lunch at Chhoya in the sun.


An old Nepalese man basket weaving.


We reached our guest house, The Eagle’s Nest in the afternoon and, when we got to our room, quickly push the beds together to make another double bed to relax on. We were loving all the accommodation that provided blankets and duvets as it meant we didn’t have to wrestle our sleeping bags in and out of the stuff sack!


One of our group members was painting a watercolour postcard every night and Bikash asked if he could paint something – we were overjoyed when he presented us with a postcard he’d painted of Terry and myself at the lake. As a joke, I’d tied the plaits of our hats together whilst we were sat on a bench and Bikash painted these and wrote a kind message on the back. Were we touched by this lovely gesture – the postcard has gone into a clear acrylic frame where you can see both sides – when I get a desk at work that is where it will go so I can fondly look at it and remember this journey we took!


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Just Joanne.

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