Annapurna Circuit: Day 6 – Upper Pisang to Manang.

Tuesday 19th December 2017.

Today was not a good day. I did not sleep well, stomach cramps kept me up for most of the night and they did not seem to want to stop in the morning. I suspected it might have been untreated water I had drunk – we were using Steripens to treat the water and Terry has a LifeStraw but I wasn’t vomiting, just cramping up. Whatever it was, it was painful and persistant today.


Straight out of Upper Pisang we had a steep zigzagging walk up to Ghyaru (3670m/12,380ft). Ugh. It was slow going but eventually reached the chorten on top where a seat was most welcomed and the views of the Annapurnas, Pisang Peak and Chulu East and West.

At this point it was officially the highest elevation I have ever trekked. I wished I could have enjoyed it more but quietly I did upon reflection.


View of Annapurna III (right hand side)


From here Ngawai (3660m/12,005ft) was the next destination… what a view with lunch! (At this point I wasn’t hungry so settled on the vegetable soup and even that I couldn’t finish).


The descent after lunch to Mungi to walk along the flat valley was pleasure to the feet however, I assumed too much too quickly and soon found the walk was long… very long. Terry and I set a fast pace (well fast for us!) and just focused on the walking and getting to the destination. I don’t think I said much to anyone this day.


The flats of the valley had a lot of cattle, horses and ducks. We watched as a farmer moved his cows across the fields from the river contemplating the life he must have in Nepal.


The “distination” to Manang was on the horizon, just when we thought we were going to have an easy finish to our trek we remembered the, more often than not, villages are situated higher up and usually a walk up to them is required – which was to happen in case. So, we mustered up the last of our strength and “went for it”. Unusually for this guest house it was situated closer to the start of the village so we didn’t have the long walk through the village we’d become accustomed too to get to our accommodation!


We finally reached Hotel Yeti, our guest house for the night. As you can probably tell from the blurry picture and lack of room photo I just wasn’t feeling too great to focus on these things. I would have easily gone to bed without dinner today but “Feed a fever” is a mantra I adopt when feeling unwell so ate my meal, abeit slowly, before retiring into a deep deep (cold) sleep.


Annapurna Circuit: Day 7 – Manang rest day.

Just Joanne.

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