Annapurna Circuit: Day 11 – Muktinath to Kagbeni.

Sunday 24th December 2017.

Muktinath reminded us of a Wild West town due to its large open main street, the cattle being led to the fields and the Nepalese riding their horses through the streets to the temple for worship – all it needed was some tumbleweed and the imagery would be complete.


After browsing the stalls for goods to take home as suveniours (I bought a small prayer wheel that sits on a desk) we departed for Kagbeni along the trail out of town.


It was a pleasant surprise to see and walk on a tarmac’d road after walking on dusty, uneven roads previously- this opportunity allowed for quicker walking whilst not having to watch your step and try to keep an eye on the views at the same time. When it got a little bit windy it wasn’t an issue as no wind could whip up the dust in our faces, so the walk was pleasant and enjoyable.


Along the way we saw UK style hand crafted and painted warning signs. This one was my favourite.


We passed a small table of goods being sold on the street by an old woman. She uses a hand loom to create scarfs (called mufflers) and blankets out of yak wool to sell. Sometimes these can take her 2-3 days to make depending on size. I bought a lovely pink yak wool scarf from her.


Looking back our guide pointed out the pass to us. Thorong Peak on the right and Yakwakang on the left – amazed to see how far we had to walk down to the village at the bottom.


Our accommodation for the night was the delightfully named ‘Yacdonalds’ guest house in Kagbeni (2,800m/9,180ft) which amused Terry and I. Our room was just perfect- the bed was soft and mattress comfy, the blanket was warm and the whole room was warm and inviting (bar far the best room/bed we slept in all trek); I had the best night sleep here and wished we could have stayed for one more night.


We thought the restaurant was good as well – freshly made bread and warm delicious food.


We tired the Yak Burger Happy Meal… this by far, has been the best tasting burger I have ever had AND the best meal on the entire trek. I would happily go back just to have another taste – yummy!


And of course, we had to buy the t-shirt…


Annapurna Circuit: Day 12 – Kagbeni to Marpha.

Just Joanne.

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