Annapurna Circuit: Day 4 – Dharapani to Chame.

Sunday 17th December 2017.

Today was a pretty day – lots of prayer (mani) wheels at the start of this route. I really liked seeing them (almost) daily; they are fascinating things.
A prayer wheel is a cylinder containing a long strip of rolled-up paper bearing printed or inscribed mantras (rather than prayers). Traditionally, the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum is written in Sanskrit on the outside of the wheel and usually on the parchment inside. When spun (clockwise/from left hand side) the practioner chants Om Mani Padme Hum and focuses their mind to increase the merit from using the wheel.
Later on I purchased a small prayer wheel to place on my desk.


On our journey we passed through a village called Bagarchap (2,164m) which had a tragic moment in 1995 when a landslide killed villagers and trekkers. The name of the village translate to “butcher’s place” as meat is prepared here. The Manang district is Buddhist who don’t believe in harming animals for food consumption so this village provides for the need of trekkers etc.


After a short tea break we followed the trail through beautiful forest to Dhanagyu (1910m/6265ft) and up to Themang for lunch. Dhanagyu, meaning “water tap”, is where travellers used to stop to collect water in the olden days for their journey onward.

I love these pictures I took of the forest. The trail undulated through it but I find something very calming about walking amongst the trees…

I have never had a lunch stop before with such a magnificant view (2590m/8495ft). Glorious sunshine shone on us as I tucked into my vegetable noodles and stared at the view of Annapurna II (The 16th highest in the world at 7,937 m/26,040 ft). What a sight.


Tough decision… which way to go?

Obviously the trekking trail!

Chame was our last stop of the day. Sitting at 2,713 m/8,690 ft the village was affected by the 2015 earthquake and was still recovering in places.
Crossing the bridge led us to our guest house for the night with a great view of those beautiful peaks (Lamjung Himal, 6983 m) .


We trekked for 19km/11miles on this day with about 800m of ascent. The beds were inviting and it was a early night for us both after dinner. We fell asleep to the sound of the river outside…



Annapurna Circuit: Day 5 – Chame to Upper Pisang.

Just Joanne.

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