Annapurna Circuit: Day 3 – Jagat to Dharapani.

Saturday 16th December 2017

It was a weird starting thought for the day to think that we’ll be higher than the highest mountain in the UK (Ben Nevis, 1344m/4409ft) on this day as we were trekking to 1,943m/6374ft. Even Kathmandu is nearly 10x higher than Swindon at 1400m/4600ft compared to 140m/450ft! Amazing.

The day started off with finding an interesting spider. When we asked a guide what type of spider it was they just said “spider“. I don’t fancy spending my time trawling through websites on spiders as I would like some undisturbed sleep tonight, so this spider is merely “spider“.
Just look at the size of it… ugh.


More trails today, more height gained! We passed through Chyamje village (1425m/4675ft) and over yet another suspension bridge (I loved the bridges) to continue through forest en route to Tal. This was another 20km/12mile day but somehow it didn’t feel like it – the sun was welcomed and we saw our first glimpses of Nepal grey langur monkeys in the trees!


We entered the Manang district, one of 75 districts in Nepal on route to its headquarters, Chame, where we were to spend the night on day 4. The Manang district is interesting because it gets the least amount of rainfall among districts of Nepal as it lies to the north of the Himalayas which blocks monsoon air; this was good to hear as none of us wanted rain on this trek!

Guide: Lapka Sherpa – he has summited Everest twice with the most recent being in 2016. He’ll be back up (hopefully) in 2018. An amazing friendly man who lead us exceptionally well.

The photo shows the flat valley of Tal, the first Buddhist settlement you reach along the Annapurna Circuit. The vibrant blue river leads you into this village; as you walk along the sandy pathway you can see waterfalls from the hilltops and feel so insignificant




After a lovely dinner of vegetable fried noodles (large quantity !) we continued on our trek to Dharapani. “Up, Up, Up”, “Zoom Zoom” and “Jum Jum” (“go, go”) encouraged the guides.



As you can see the path was cut into the hill side!


First proper hot shower at this guest house! It was sooooooo worth the 100RS it cost to feel clean for a day! The dust on the circuit got into the most interesting of places…




Annapurna Circuit: Day 4 – Dharapani to Chame.

Just Joanne.

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