Annapurna Circuit: Day 2 – Bhulebule to Jagat.

Friday 15th December 2017

Our first full trekking day (20km/12miles).
After a breakfast of delicious porridge, Tibetan bread* and boiled egg we continued along the east bank of the river to Ngaddi (1050m) in glorious sunshine. I was told before I ventured out here to “Always look back” and numerous times I did so to see where we’ve walked from and the views behind us…


Tibetan bread

Along the way we met many many children again, either heading to or from school and other villages, asking for “sweets” and our first encounter with “street dogs” (I’ve wrote about these more in detail in another blog post) – this little cute puppy who was eager to play with us.



Trekking slowly along dusty pathways we continued upwards through forest to the village of Behundanda (1310m/4295ft meaning: “Brahmin hill”), perched on a ridge overlooking the valley.



By this point I was HUNGRY. What better way to have lunch is than at the utmost highest hotel at the very top of the hill with great all-round views?



We had our first experience of the size of the lunches the lodges provide – it’s huge! Terry was surprised at the amount he was given but needlessly to say, he conquered it without a struggle! Vegetable fried noodles with egg at a very reasonable price of 450 Nepalese Rupees (£2.90 approx! What a bargain!).
My dish consisted of vegetable MoMo (a traditional delicacy they are steamed dumplings with some form of filling. MoMo Recipe). They were delicious! Usually you are given 10 with dipping sauce and you’ll quickly find out how filling they can be.



After lunch, we enjoyed walking with the roar of the river, a cool breeze in our faces and sun on our backs as we made our way to Syange, first up then down, crossing the river and on towards our evening location of Jagat (1,300m)




I had to smile at ‘The North Face’ guest lodge! Lots of guest lodges have wonderful names to them and very colourfully decorated (inside and out) to attract the attention of trekkers – I thought this was a lovely guest house. Dinner tonight was Dal Bhat – Dal is a soup made of lentils and spices, served over boiled grain, bhat — usually rice – with condiments such as pickle, spinach, fried potato etc (the list is endless!). Such a filling meal and we both went to bed with very full stomachs excited for the next day’s adventure.



Annapurna Circuit: Day 3 – Jagat to Dharapani.

Just Joanne.

* The Recipe – From The Stray Photographer

One serving:

1 cup of plain white flour (although any flour will do).
Half a cup of milk.
A pinch of sugar.
A pinch of salt.
A tea-spoon of baking powder (the quantity will depend on the flour used).


Knead the ingredients into a dough.
Place it in an airtight container for 5 minutes.
Roll into a flat round shape, about 6″ in diameter.
Score 2 vertical lines with a knife to give an even bake.
Preheat a frying pan with a generous quantity of oil, about half in inch deep.
With the frying pan at medium heat, fry until light brown on both sides.
Serve with jam or honey and tea

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